Business management software for the egg and poultry industry

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Eggbase Ltd is an independent software company dedicated to providing quality software to the egg and poultry industry. The future is the efficient use of data and eggbase makes this easy.

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eggbase for pullet rearers, layers, broiler growers and breeders

Eggbase is the independent, secure, cloud-based software for flock performance analysis and benchmarking.

Accessible on any device, Eggbase helps producers, pullet rearers, broiler growers and breeders make business decisions by processing comprehensive flock performance records.

Analyse your data more efficiently to deliver business growth.
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Use Eggbase as a platform for accessing and sharing data across geographically remote farms.

Use Eggbase for efficient and cost-effective peer support and field support.

Track, trace, support, analyse, benchmark, collaborate, compare, optimise, evaluate and identify trends with ease.

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Let us work in partnership with you and help you roll out Eggbase to your pullet rearers, layers, broiler growers or breeders. 

We have wide-ranging experience in the egg and poultry industry and solid software development skills. We are completely trustworthy and will protect your commercial confidentiality. Let us act as your software design partner to customise Eggbase to your specific requirements.

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