Unique software to support egg packers and egg & pullet production

Eggbase Ltd is a specialist database development company that designs, develops and supports the Eggbase® suite of software applications to give egg packers, egg producers and pullet rearers visibility over their business data.

Robust, reliable and user-friendly

eggbasePacker and eggbaseProducer are flexible software tools used by egg packers, egg producers and layer rearers currently in use across the UK and Ireland.

They can easily be customised for multipliers, hatcheries, liquid egg processors, turkey growers and other bespoke users, so please contact us to discuss your requirements whatever sector of the industry you are active within and we will be happy to introduce you to the Eggbase® concept.

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eggbasePacker is a comprehensive software package that manages producers, houses, flocks, incoming egg and grading results (links with grading machines), farm billing, quality control, traceability, legislative compliance, egg forecasting, prediction and financial analysis in packing stations. This vastly reduces administrative time and costs, improves data efficiency and transparency and informs business strategy. The application can be customised to match an individual client’s requirements and it comes with full support to integrate the software into your enterprise. No two copies of eggbasePacker are the same; in this way commercial confidence is assured.

eggbasePacker has also been amended for hatcheries to manage multipliers and candling results.

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eggbaseProducer is an independent cloud-based flock performance monitoring application for egg producers, layer rearers, multipliers or for any enterprise that wishes to monitor production, compare with lead indicators and against breed standards or benchmark across flocks.  The application manages bird and egg numbers, grading results and egg weights, bird weights, feed and raw material deliveries, feed and water consumption, environment, medical interventions, salmonella regimes and legislative compliance to improve productivity and profitability. It has been specifically designed for laying flocks and comes with full client support.

Producers can be grouped into Enterprises. An Enterprise User can maintain an overview of all the producers in their group. This is especially useful for monitoring geographically remote farms or looking into individual aspects of production such as feed or medical trials. Enterprises can be egg packers, pullet breeders, veterinarians, feed suppliers, laboratories, advisors or any other business that manages a group of suppliers.


Eggbase software is unique and practical!

At Eggbase Ltd we believe that a software application should work specifically for your business so we will work with you to achieve a version of Eggbase that matches your business processes.  We configure our base modules and integrate any new development that you require so that the finished product is unique to you.